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Welcome to "My Kids" free email penpals Club of Russia!

Boys are seeking email penpals

Name Robin / 12 years old
Country USA
Message Hobbies: pokemone,acting, pets
hi im a 12 year old girl. who will talk to aney one .
Date added 24-July -2003

Name Riannon / 11 years old
Country USA

Hobbies: softball/fatspitch, karate
hey i am 11 years old and my name is Riannon. Looking for someone 11-13 and from Hawaii, but if you are not its ok. Need some pals. Most of my friend are always busy. I need someone to alway talk to. I also have aol instant messenger. If u email me i will email u back for sure. Well i got to run. Email me!

Date added 20-July -2003

Name Ashish / 17 years old
Country India / Hyderbad
Message Hobbies: makeing girlfriends
i want to make girlfriends if found send to my e mail
Date added 13 -July -2003

Name Charlie / 14 years old
Country England / London
Message Hobbies: swimming/basketball/football/and tennis and golf
i just love doing all that stuff but when i am older i will not get married then it would be good
Date added 6-July -2003

Name Dima / 11 years old
Country Russia / Blagoveschensk
Message Hobbies: computer games
I want to have a friends from different countries. I study English, French, Chinees & Daucth langviges. My favorite book is Harry Potter. I like him too much & want look like as him. I live with my Mam & my cat. My Mam is crazy of French. My aunt live in Koree. Last summer in period of World Cup we visited Spain.
Date added 6-July -2003

Name Kurt / 10 years old
Country Malta / San Gwann
Message Hobbies: football,fishing & reading abaut birds
Hello, I am a boy from mlta.Iam 10 years old.My town is San Gwann.I want boy or girl.I have a sister .my hobbies are playing football,fishing and bird waching. pliese send me back bey,bey children
Date added 3-July -2003

Name Max / 21 years old
Country Turkmenistan / Turkmenabat
Message Hobbies:computers, cars
Date added 29-June -2003

Name Eric Ankomah / 19 years old
Country Ghana / Accra-Ghana
Message Hobbies: telling stories,tales,singing,jokes
am looking for a true friend who i can exchange thing or gift with and share promblems toghter.i hope to hear from u soon and some one who can help when there is a promblem.
Date added 27-June -2003

Name David / 8 years old
Country USA / Michigan
Message Hobbies: swimming, computers game, cards , horses, football
hello there,\\

i would like to have friends in differente countries, in think rusia would be an interested place to start...i 8 years old but i look much older probable 13 ..iam very advance for my age, iam very sociable, i like sience and computers,also i live having fun..iam extroveted and like archiving things, .....i would like to hear from nice kids and exchange ideas or emails...just for fun..bye


Date added 15-June -2003

Name Brandon Owens / 9 years old
Country USA / Pittsburgh
Message Hobbies: playing games
Date added 15-June -2003

Name Mimi / 12 years old
Country Australia
Message Hobbies: hockey
Date added 12-June -2003

Name Igor / 12 years old
Country Russia / Kaliningrad
Message Hobbies:Numizmatic
I want to find friends in different countries.
Date added 8-June -2003

Name Alexey / 15 years old
Country Russia / Severobaikalsk
Message Hobbies:many
Hello. If you are polite and cool person, let write me a letter. I'll answer you 100%. Actually I'm looking for real friends
Date added 8-June -2003

Name mehnaz / 13 years old
Country england / united kingdom
Message Hobbies: watch tv listen to music go out.
Hi My name is mehnaz am 13 female uk. I like seaworld animals mosely I like dolphins and wales. I like to talk to people from different country.
Date added 1-June-2003

Name Prabhu / 20 years old
Country India / coimbatore
Message Hobbies: make friends,travelling,surf through net, watching t.v
My name is Prabhu aged 20 from India. I am an software engg student who cares to make a great deal of friendship with all.Any intrested person can mail me to my address so that i may respond u in postive manner.
Date added 27-May-2003

Name Nicolai / 16 years old
Country Russia
Message Hi all! I am looking a friends from all countries.
Date added 24-May-2003

Name Pavel / 14 years old
Country Russia
Message My hobbies: webdesign, capscollection
i want ot meet boy or girl (13-16) from other country
Date added 1-May-2003

Name Isiah
Country USA
Message I'm 14 years old boy. I am looking for a nice, honest friend (males & females, 6-20) to express my feelings to, and a person who not afraid to reach out and get what they want which means a nice honest person!!!!!!!!!!!!
Interests & hobbies: basketball, football, shopping, singing, volleyball, sewing, chatting while listen to music, go out to eat, romantic boyfriend girlfriend thing, talk on the telephone.
Date added 16-Apr-2003

Name Ashok
Country indian
Message Hi friends.......Good friends are hard to find......and harder to leave......and difficult to forget.......Do drop in mail.

Name Ciaran Carolan
Country Irish
Message Anyone interested in Handball, Scouting or having a good laugh please come forward

Name Maurice
Country Brazilian
Message Let us be pen friends

Name boudjemaa
Country Algeria
Message hello every body. I am looking for pen friends all over the world, 17 years and up.I like write letters and listing to if you like write letters, send me an E-mail to give you our adress.

Name Bobby
Country Sri Lankan
Message I like to make friends from all over the world \i know 10 languages

Name Sean Purnell
Country usa
Message Looking for a pen pal I am 14

Name Carl Farrugia
Country Maltese
Message I am a 17 year old from Malta who wants to make a pen friend. to talk on all things.


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